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I want to take a minute to reflect on Gratitude, the last 3 years we had a business and shop front called Divine Gift and most of the people that came in wrote something on our “Gratitude Wall”.

These messages were for the kinds of things from Bacon to Surviving a heart-attack and one that really sticks with me is “I am grateful I didn’t kill myself”. This in its self is a whole other subject, but it got me really thinking….. Is every grateful for something?

I know I am, I am grateful for a lot things but I don’t always share it with the people that really matter to me. Take one of friends, I truly love this man, I have seen him at his best and his worst, and we are both grateful for that. Have I told him to his face that I am grateful for his friendship and that I do love him?… No! Why? Because this would make vulnerable and how can I be “Strong” if I am vulnerable? It wasn’t until recently I realised that to be a truly great leader you can be vulnerable and show gratitude to those you love.

Prior to having “the shop” as we called it or its official name, Divine Gift, I didn’t understand nor gave gratitude another thought. But having met some wonderful people and reading the words they had written on the shop wall I started to realise that everyone is grateful for something we just don’t vocalise it or even write it down enough so the universe can validate it for us.

If you are grateful for something, if it may seem small to other people it may be thing that gets you through the day. Please write it down either in the notes section of your smart phone or on a sticky note and bang that up on the wall for everyone to see. If you really want to show gratitude walk right to someone and tell them.. it will truly feed your soul.


With Gratitude and Love,



  • I’m greatful I found the help I needed to see how wonderful life can be and not give up on myself. And I’m greatful for meeting a beautiful boy and his family being so lovely and supportive. I’m greatful for my family and friends not giving up on me when I was in a difficult stage ❤️

    Cait on

  • I am grateful for our friendship, for the love you bring to the world on a daily basis and for your incredible family. Your family always put another persons needs in front of their own. It’s an honor to be a part of your life and to bask in the Divine Gift that is your family.
    Love you guys!

    Jasmin on

  • Awesome post :) I love you dad x

    Ellie on

  • Great Blog Mark :)

    Em on

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