Deuter: Celebration of light: CD

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New Age icon Deuter has released his first holiday music album and—no surprise—he’s done an outstanding job. Retaining his trademark “sound” yet infusing plenty of extra seasonal flavor, the CD contains some easily recognizable holiday carols, such as “Greensleeves,” “Coventry Carol,” and “Silent Night,” as well as some that will be new to all but the most well-versed music historians (some pieces date back to the 13th century). Don’t expect “Winter Wonderland” or “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” though. The CD’s 15 tracks are mostly serene meditations with gentle melodies and uncluttered arrangements.

Celebration of Light is the perfect album to play all holiday season and even beyond through winter’s end and the first signs of spring. It’s perfect late-night listening when you’re stressed out from all the holiday hustle and bustle!

“The Festival of Light originates with the winter solstice. Ages ago people recognized that the days were getting longer and that the life-giving sleight was once again returning to their lives, they celebrated this cyclic progression of the seasons. Ultimately, this is a celebration of change.