Paws to Reflect Dog Guidance Cards

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If you love dogs, then the messages found in these gorgeous cards will definitely leave a paw print on your heart!

A 44 card deck with a comprehensive guide book giving you the inspiration you need on a daily basis to lift you out of the doldrums and into a much brighter and  lighter place. Dogs teach us how to look at life from a whole new perspective and have our tails wagging happily regardless of what is happening in our life. These cards bring with them the energy of loyalty and unconditional love … something we all need on a daily basis.

You will love …

  • having the ability to give yourself or a friend an accurate reading
  • the powerful life changing energy they hold
  • the fun filled and inspiring messages
  • the cutest images of these 4 legged friends
  • and the expanded explanations in the accompanying Guide Booklet

As you know, a dog’s love and loyalty is second to none!