Wild and Free Horse Affirmation Cards

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Love horses? These beautiful ‘horse whispering’ cards will change your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

A 40 card deck with a comprehensive guide book giving you access to up lifting and life changing messages to use on a daily basis. Horse energy is all about freedom and power! These cards are imbued with this energy and you can feel this as you play or work with them each day. They will help you take back your own personal power and experience your very own unique freedom.

You will love the fact that …

  • you can use these cards to give yourself or a friend an accurate reading
  • the images are of real horses
  • each message is matched to the unique breed of horse
  • they hold life affirming guidance
  • the energy of each will empower your day

Grab the reins of your life today and ride your way to happiness and success.